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OVERVIEW: Lux is an applied energy management group. Our task is to facilitate building owners efforts to operate a reliable, dependable and efficient facility. This is accomplished by discovering existing facility needs, identifying various solutions, assessing the financial impact of these solutions, and finally, executing the plan.
THE PROCESS: Significant amounts of information must be obtained and analyzed before, during and after a project. The multi-step process outlined below shows the approach which has been successful for Lux. 
1 – Pre-Project Assessment – Site visits, data collection and analysis. The deliverable includes a facility benchmark, 5-Year CapEx plan for facility infrastructure, and recommended alternatives. 
2 – Construction – Upon approval of the proposed plan, Lux provides EPC services acting as owners representative for the construction.
3 – Post-Project Verification – Monitoring building performance, utility usage and costs. Maintaining awareness of system condition and CapEx plans. 
COMPENSATION STRUCTURE: The nature of our service is inherently different from the traditional approach to facility operations. It requires a willingness to see alternative perspectives and to take calculated risks. Because of the technical nature of our work, we prefer to earn clients trust by sharing the risks we propose and by linking our compensation directly to performance.

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