Case Study

Maverik Center

Salt Lake City, UT

Sustainable Operations Plan

Maverik Center Summary

Maverik Center owned by West Valley City and operated by a private company. It is the longtime home to the Utah Grizzlies hockey team and venue for concerts and shows of all types.

The facility houses the Grizzlies offices, a fulltime catering business, a Restaurant, Conference Center and management offices. Maverik is also is an olympic ice events venue.

Project Summary

Maverik began their renovation efforts with upgrades to the arena lighting system. Recently, Maverik completed the LED upgrade on the interior and exterior, renovated the ice-making system, upgraded the HVAC system and optimized the controls and air handling strategies. The hot water systems are expected to be the final upgrade for the foreseeable future.

Savings Summary

Annual Savings: $75,000+/Yr

Electric Use Reduced: 1,100,469 kWh/Yr

Simple ROI: Less than 5 Years

Utility Rebates: Over $90,000

Carbon Reduction: 778 Metric Tons/Yr

Awards Won: TBD

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