Case Study

Basic Research

Salt Lake City, UT

Sustainable Operations Plan

Basic Research Summary

Basic Research headquarters is a 300,000 SF, multi-story office building – warehouse combination located in Salt Lake City, UT.

Project Summary

Basic Research followed the “Reduce, Produce, Sustain” mantra for their sustainability plan.

Phase 1, Reduce, included upgraded lighting, Replacing/repairing HVAC equipment, optimized controls and power quality measures.

Phase 2, Produce, included the installation of 1.4 megawatts of solar, along with upgrades to roofing and insulation.

Phase 3, Sustain, is ongoing effort and has included regular maintenance plants and upgrades to specialty equipment as it ages (such as the small data center). The net-zero facility has operated with virtually no electric bill for 3+ years.

Savings Summary

Annual Savings: $354,629/Yr

Tax Incentives: $1,000,000+

Electric Use Reduced: 4,800,000+ kWh/Yr

Simple ROI: Less than 4 Years

Utility Rebates: Over $355,000

Carbon Reduction: 3,428 Metric Tons/Yr

Energystar Score – 100 out of 100

Contact Info

Ray Wilcox

801-989-8375 – (Cell)

Abe Millet

801-989-7806- (Cell)

Lux Energy Group

1111 South 120 East
Farmington, UT 84025